BLF Offers Africans Living in South Africa a Better Future

BLF Offers Africans Living in South Africa a Better Future

The Black Consciousness revolutionary movement, Black First Land First (BLF) reinstates its commitment toward peace and unity among Africans in South Africa, and beyond.

Andile Mngxitama, BLF’s National Covener reaffirms this position recently in Braamfontein at the third edition of Blacks in Dialogue – a discussion platform to stimulate intellectual discussion amongst Africans.

The National Covener clearly articulates that the White Capitalists are the enemies of all black men. He enjoined Africans to join forces and fight this common enemy.

From all indications, it is evident that BLF takes a clear and unique stand amongst other political movements and political parties in South Africa.

BLF says no to Xenophobia or Afrophobia that is disguised as Xenophobia.

This pan-African stance is increasing the popularity and acceptance of BLF by other Africans who live in South Africa.

The Blacks in Dialogue conference held in Braamfontein was attended by Nigerians, amongst other African nationals.

“When two brothers fight to death, it is the stranger that inherits their estates”. This African proverb echoed the sentiments of a top BLF comrade, advising Africans to stick together and fight against the White thieves.

The campaign for unity and peace among Africans by BLF contrasts with the plans of the Mamelodi Concerned Residence who are embarking on a peaceful protest in February against other Africans who live in South Africa.

The group claims Nigerians, Zimbabweans and Pakistanis should not be given Asylum Seeker’s permit, as unemployment in South Africa sits at 34%. has not got the group’s side of the story as at press time.

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