Nollywood is the most popular Nigerian product in South Africa.

Nollywood is the most popular Nigerian product in South Africa.

Nigeria-South Africa trade relations is in billions of Dollars, yet the most popular Nigerian product in South Africa is the Nollywood movies.

Analysts say actors and actresses in the Nollywood movies are more popular in South Africa than the Nigerian president and his ministers.

The popularity of Nollywood movies in South Africa peaked in the year 2000. Around this period, there were many Nollywood video rental shops in South Africa. This popularity shocked many experts because the movies were of poor and average quality.

However, it was discovered that the very-close-to-life acting dynamics of the Nollywood artists and the reality of African-ness they present form part of what South African movie lovers want.

Afterwards, many Nollywood video rental shops closed down as audience turned to the Africa Magic Channel and the internet as an alternative to renting movies. As at 2004, one Nollywood movie was rented for R20 on the average.

With the emergence of Mzansi Magic and other Africa Magic Channels that offer low budget movies to the delight of Africans, Nollywood movies still remain the most popular in Africa.
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