Nigerians in South Africa struggle to rent properties due to negative stereotype?

Nigerians in South Africa struggle to rent properties due to negative stereotype?

Nigerianisation of crime in South Africa is making house owners and real estate agents turn down offers from Nigerians seeking to rent houses.

The offer of a Nigerian young man to rent a house in Bryanston Extension 3 in Johannesburg was recently turned down.

The owner sent an SMS to Grant, a  Century21 estate agent on Malibongwe Drive in Randburg saying: “I am too skeptical of having a Nigerian lease especially because of all the very common stories and stereotypes. I’d rather wait for someone more suitable and I’d feel comfortable with”.

In some other parts of South Africa, Nigerians are asked to pay deposits of two months or more.

Many Nigerians now secure accommodation under someone else’ name. Some have lost these accommodations as those who help them secure the house sometimes take the houses from them.

Opinions are divided on the stereotypes. A group of Nigerians believes it is the criminals in the Nigerian community who has soiled the name of others.

There are also reports that many Nigerians constitute a nuisance in the houses they live.

Badejo Alabi angrily says: “We Nigerians should also learn to be more responsible. Some people rent houses and don’t keep it well. Others use people’s houses for criminal activities”.

Others claim it is deliberate witch hunting,  especially by the whites against Nigerians.

A Nigerian business at Randburg Oriental Shops says: “They are doing it intentionally. It is mostly done by white men. They want to discredit us and frustrate us to leave South Africa. When they were oppressing the Blacks here, we fought against them and help pulled down the apartheid regime”.

Times are really getting harder for Nigerians and other African foreigners in South Africa. Reports indicate that this is not the same story with white foreigners in  South Africa.

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