How Nigerian Presidents Kill Themselves!

How Nigerian Presidents Kill Themselves!

Research and deep insights have revealed how past Nigerian presidents killed themselves.

Two former Nigerian heads of state died abroad, the current Nigerian president lays sick abroad.

Detailed insight on the death of late General Sanni Abacha and President Musa Yar’Adua indicates that they died avoidable deaths.

Late Gen. Abacha could not go for medical tourism because of the sanctions imposed on his administration and his unwillingness to deal with some Western nations.

Former Medical Director of the Military Hospital, Lagos, Brigadier-General Otu Oviemo Ovaje, according to The Nations newspaper disclosed the causes of the death of these past heads of state at a symposium in Lagos.

The Military inventor revealed that the Fillipino doctors imported by General Abacha made a mockery of his health management by pumping steroid into him.

The steroid made General bloated and eventually led to his sudden death.

He attributed the death of late President Yar’Adua to brain damage caused by severe asphixia.

The Saudia Arabia hospital with up-to-the-minute medical gadgets could not save our humble and gentle president.

Retired Brigadier General Ovaje said: “He was hypo-ventillating and by the time he got to Saudia Arabia, he had suffered irreparable brain death”.

The medical inventor lamented that the deaths of these two heads of states were avoidable if they had invested well in the Nigerian medical infrastructure.

Moreover, they prefer to import foreign doctors or hastily fly abroad.

A Yoruba proverb proverb says: “If someone refuses to take care of his own home, but chose to invest abroad, the unkept home becomes his death trap and the much sought-after overseas trips for safety and security may not help in days of danger”.

President Muhammadu Buhari lays sick abroad. Our medical system that is perpetually left in shambles cannot help.

It is high time we learnt that if we continually abandon our medical system and other infrastructures which have led to the untimely death of millions of Nigerians, the rich also cries…

My mother of blessed memory often fondly said: “Eru gbogbo ko ni eru asingba, omo olowo na a ma” ru nbe”. This means “hardship is not only the lot of the slave, the prince also partakes”.

The refusal of our leaders to care for the people has become traps for their own death.

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