Tim Omotosho is not a fake prophet – church members.

Tim Omotosho is not a fake prophet – church members.

Amidst the ongoing trial of Timothy Omosho,  a Durban based Nigeria prophet, some members of his church claim he is a genuine man of God.

Simon Mokhatla, a member of the church asserts in a post on news24 website that he bares witness to many signs and wonders God has used the prophet to do.

Mokhatla affirms: “He has preached The Word of God with power. He has brought the word of God to life in front of those many eyes and God has at every turn put “His Signature” on the works of His Prophet, with permanent healings and deliverances taking place in the lives of many, many people in South Africa and throughout the world”.

Mokhatla who has been in Jesus Dominion International ministry since 2010 says God used the prophet to heal his wife of a major fracture in her upper arm.

He claims the alleged human trafficking and rape accusation against the prophet is a product of some jealous conspirators, many of whom are close to the man of God.
Dumisani Lubisi, City Press journalist writes and asks: “why don’t abuse victims matter to us?“.

His question was spurred by the ‘loyal’ acts of some women from Tim Omotosho’s church who defended and supported him when he appeared at the Port Elizabeth Magistrate Court on Friday.

Though there are other groups outside the court that were demanding that the prophet should not get bail. It is not certain if the opposing group are members of the church.

Lubisi describes the support as ‘jarring show of support for the oppressor by the oppressed.

He likened the case to what happened during ‘deputy president’ Jacob Zuma’s rape trial. “They labelled the woman who laid the charges with insulting names”.

To date, there is still a divided public opinion on the prophet’s case. Many members of his church stand by him, some oppose him.

Another member of his church anonymously says: “I don’t believe this allegation. Even if it is true, I will forgive him. In the last 15years that I have known him, he has been a great blessing to us. Moreso, it is a dangerous thing to judge a prophet of God”.

Some claim he is a victim of some other jealous pastors who set him up, others say he is fake and that the allegations are true.

It is noteworthy that the merits of the case are still to be heard.

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