Never road trip to South Africa, it’s not safe (they said)

Never road trip to South Africa, it’s not safe (they said)

From Johannesburg to the Drakensberg and Lesotho – a French couple filmed their extraordinary experiences in South Africa.

Michel Vespasien and Pauline Bachel had been wanting to visit South Africa for years, but they kept hearing negative comments from people they spoke to about their plans.

“We wanted to visit South Africa so much, but were worried about the security over there,” said Michel on his Vimeo biography. “Friends and family told us that South Africa was so unsafe and that we shouldn’t go there without a tour operator.”

Despite the negative feedback, the couple decided to go anyway… and they enjoyed the experience so much that they made a stunning video about some of the places they visited.

“We decided to record a small movie about our journey to show our friends how amazing it is. So this movie is about our journey (18 days) through South Africa, from Johannesburg to Drakensberg and also Lesotho, the Kingdom in the sky!”


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