The loss of Language or Dialect is the Loss of Human Identity.

The loss of Language or Dialect is the Loss of Human Identity.

Does your Children understand and could speak your native language?

If you or your spouse is from different tribe or national do they understand either or both? Do you speak or teach your children your native language?
If your answer to the above is, “No”,then you are losing your identity into an oblivion little by little!
Today many believed that, there is no need of making our children understand our native language. Such believed that to be conversing in their native tongues in the homes would make them look inferior amidst other tribes in the social world, hence, they subjected or become enslaved totally to their environments.
The Mexicans in the USA have for long promoted Spanish even while residence in the States. I was shocked when I went to search for a job at a business outfit in the USA, while there, when asked that, “Can you speak Spanish?”. “How could Spanish be a language recognized in the USA?”. These Mexicans guard jealously against their tongue!
But how many of the Africans embraced their mother tongues? We’ve lost our identity to other lands.
The identity of any man is their tongue, once it is lost, man is gone!
I give kudos to some tribes in Nigeria here who made their language compulsory in their homes! It’s an act of mental superiority! It shows the pride of a nation!
Resurrect your native tongues in your home! Decorate it, speak it, sing it,shout it in your Children’s hear and to their hearts!

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