Exclusive interview with Cray Mahalia Francis

Exclusive interview with Cray Mahalia Francis

An American author, poet, writer of honey Dew’s children book was interviewed at the exclusive book Brooklyn, Pretoria.

She focus on the important of our culture and her background she have this to say:
As an elementary educator, my passion is to impart knowledge so that it breeds successful into the lives of my students. It’s only natural then that one of the venues I use to impart my knowledge is through the written word. I’ve been writing poetry and songs since I was about twelve years old, but only started to create stories as an adult. I realized as a teacher, that as I wrote and revised mentor writings during our Writing Workshop classes, that I loved creating stories. From that time on, I wanted to make my writings known to a larger audience- the world: children, tweens, and just about anyone else.

My first book, Honey Dew’s Carnival Fever, is an extension of my mentor writings which I developed during a year I taught a third grade class in The Bronx, NY. It highlights familial relationships (especially that between grandmother and grandchild), cultural heritage, and the customs of our fore-parents.

I’ve chosen to self-publish Honey Dew’s Carnival Fever. Please support this ‘new’ author’s daring audacity to bring to life ten-year-old immigrant Honey Dew- who can’t wait to spend her summer vacation in Antigua, as a masquerader in the Children’s Carnival!

When ten-year-old Honey Dew travels back to her native country, Antigua, facing her fears is least on her mind. As carnival draws near, Honey Dew worries that she will not be able to participate in the annual Children’s Carnival due to an unexpected illness. However, through her experiences of mango picking, coal pot baking, and masquerading, inquisitive Honey Dew enjoys a summer vacation that is filled with memorable moments. Above all, she learns to appreciate the people and the land which gives her Carnival Fever.

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