Happy birthday to “baby” Ruth Elton (pictured here with her parents in Ilesa in the late 1930s). She is 83 today and still doing kingdom stuff in Ilesa. The Elton family has given more than 160 missionary years to the advancement of God’s Kingdom in Nigeria. Jolly good fellows!

Mama Ruth Elton (a daughter of the great pioneer of the Gospel – Pastor S. G Elton) arrived in Ilesa, Nigeria in July 1937 at age three as the only daughter of her missionary parents from the Apostolic Church in England, Pastor and Mama S. G Elton. Having been introduced to the Christian faith by her mother at age three, her passion for Lord and for Mission grew as a consequence of the latter rain revival of the early fifties and as enthusiastic assistant to her parents, Pa Sydney and Mama Hannah Elton as they guided and nurtured the Pentecostal revival in Nigeria.

Mama Elton’s personal missionary work began in 1959 after buying a small car from her earnings as a sewing teacher in the Women Training Centre in Ilesa, and some financial support from abroad. She then proceeded to Igbaruku and went on a missionary tour of Ebira, Okene. Her main focus has been the Ebira peoples in Kogi State where she has done extensive work over many years and has made a great impact on the mission field in Kogi State. Mama Elton has by the Spirit, doggedly weathered opposition of indigenous religions, occultist and even physical violence, to pursue her missionary passion. She has also overcome challenges to her personal health, clubbed unconscious by a thief that stole her car, but miraculously the car was recovered by an alert policeman! Mama Ruth Elton is also involved in training missionaries and sending them to work in rural areas.

Sadly, however, at this time there are not many volunteers for missionary work. She is concerned that the Saints are not passionate enough about getting the job of preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom done. Perhaps, it was Mama who first coined the “Churchianity” to describe the situation where many people only go to church to enjoy themselves and are not in any way involved in fulfilling the Great Commission. Mama Ruth is firmly convinced that there is very little time left before the King comes! She is, thus passionate about seeing Christian get out of the old order of religion and becoming more focused on the work of the Kingdom. Mama has been an inspiration to the missionaries and the Kingdom Ministers in Nigeria and abroad. Mama attend Kingdom Gospel Mission Ilesa and she is very much alive, well and strong in the spirit of Christ…

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