The real makoya does it again with the release of Babalawo video.

This song pays tribute to our musical ancestors and storytellers from the late Fela Kuti to the recently departed Hugh Masekela whom we look to as role models and trailblazers of the African dream,” says Femi Koya.

It is story time and every child brought up in the Yoruba tradition will remember the story of Ijapa (Tortoise), his visit to Babalawo (Traditional Healer) to request for support and medication to enable his wife to be pregnant. The story tells of the resultant effect on Ijapa’s life as he gives into temptation and takes the medication meant for his wife. The story teaches us that obedience is better than sacrifice.

This is one of a number of stories that Femi Koya has modernised through his musical arrangements in his new album, Village Afrobeat. These songs enable new generations to understand the significance of these narratives as well as providing a nostalgic look at village culture and its life lessons. ”

“This song is about Africa awakening to its own dreams and way of life. These stories and their meanings should take their rightful place as part of world culture,” says Afrobeat musician, Femi Koya.

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