IT IS TIME – Part 3

What Are The Nigerian Parliamentarians Doing?

Barrister Austin Okeke Writes From South Africa

2 July 2018

Buhari has failed Nigeria Socially, Economically and security wise, hence i suggest he steps aside to allow competent people to come on board. He is indeed a disaster of a person.

If we have Senators, National Assembly Members, Governors and Local Government Leaders who purport to represent their respective people and their interests from the various constituencies; yet none could speak out or indict Buhari/Fulani of launching Jihad against Nigerians.

Then I think we are being pre-empted and hoodwinked by these politicians who create a red herring so to distract us the electorates. In fact they deliberately have sold out to the Islamic paymaster.

They all lack the guts to occupy their current leadership positions and must just vacate their seats.

What readily comes to mind is the video clips of the Cameroonian law makers, not only gallantly stood up against similar atrocities in their country but returned back to the constituencies that had sent them to the parliament in protest against a State sponsored evil against their electorates.

Active citizenship demands that they conducted themselves in that manner.

Where then are their Nigerian counterparts, what are they still doing in the parliament that has severally been desecrated by Buhari and his cohorts?

One is tempted to conclude therefore that our real enemies are not Buhari or the Fulanis who are protecting their own heritage, but are our brothers and sisters whom we have given our mandate, yet have failed to advance the cause of our interests and heritage.

They have failed to do our bidding, they instead are protecting the opportunities that are available to them in their wealth acquisition scheme. It’s a gravy train for them.

There are various provisions in the Nigerian Constitution that allow for the President to be removed in the event that he flouts the law of the land. Buhari has flouted the laws of the land brazenly and on uncountable times.

I believe it is time our so called representatives vacated their posts voluntarily rather than wait to be disgraced out of office.

It is very obvious that they are there only for rich pickings. For the fat salaries and benefits only.

It is very obvious that they have no clue of what to do, they then should go home and allow other people with sincerity of purpose to go do the right things for the good of our people.

I thank you.

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Barrister Austin Okeke Writes From South Africa

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