25th October 2018

Barrister Austin Okeke Writes From South Africa

Let us rest assured that the international political dynamics have changed, and constantly changing fast by the day.

There is going to be a re-alignment of allies in accordance with what will best serve the interests of the newly aligned allies. I guess the Non-aligned Movement has fizzled.

Britain, on the other hand, is finding it an impossible feat to restore the lost glory of the Commonwealth Movement, for they have sinned against their very own.

They should be singing Mea Culpa each time they approach members of the Commonwealth for a review of their relations going forward. That is if there is any relationship left to salvage

The Biafra element is very key as regards West Africa and Africa in general, the changing dynamics have factored that in, as one of their bargaining chip. A vital one for that matter.

It is either you take it or leave it, Biafra has come to be. Period.

We shall witness in the coming days, surprise moves and comments from very unlikely countries who hitherto didn’t support Biafran move to secede during the Nigerian Biafra civil war, these countries, in their conducts henceforth will be termed, “sympathizers of the cause “

The advisers to the invaders are aware of the above facts, T Y Danjuma and Obasanjo et all are in the know as well. This is the reason they are now singing Mea Culpa these days.

What is currently playing out in the Middle Belt of Nigeria is a pogrom, the brutality barbaric and the intensity of the land grab unabated. It is all in the master plan of the bigger scheme of things.

Britain has lost out in Palestine, it was under its watch that the boundary between Israel and Palestine was muddled. And America cashed in on that seeming blunder, it wasn’t really a blunder because the devil is in the detail.

Same goes for the dispute between India and Pakistan in Kashmir. Sudan and South Sudan also readily comes to mind in a similar respect, ain’t it?

Back to Biafra.

That foreign invaders are having a field day in the Northern and the Middle Belt part of Nigeria, is not an accident.

The invaders were aided and are currently being encouraged to come through the porous borders in the Northern part of Nigeria.

That Buhari pretends not to know what is happening is an obvious consent and acquiescence.

Buhari is a major player in the game and he partook in drawing out the master plan. He controls the war room.

T Y Danjuma, a former Army Chief and Minister of Defence in Nigeria, who suddenly is crying out loud should not be taken lying down.

When a child is crying and pointing in a certain direction, if its father is not there, its mother surely is there. T Y Danjuma is an Ex-member of the war room; he has long been expelled for lack of legitimacy. He was a willing tool in the hands of his principals.

Obasanjo on the order hand, has nothing to lose, having gained massive wealth from the loot.

His involvement in the first place was as a result of an alliance forged between the Northern and South Western part of Nigeria to unleash evil on Biafra, so to then loot as much as possible their wealth and resources.

Obasanjo is not a land grabber. He was only a partaker for what is in it for him and his people.

The game is over for them though.

I thank you.

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Barrister Austin Okeke Writes From South Africa

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