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Not All South Africans Are Xenophobic! – Femi Oshin

Xenophobia in South Africa. Prior to 1994, immigrants from elsewhere faced discrimination and even violence in South Africa. … In May 2008, a series of attacks left 62 people dead;

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Why South African women choose foreign men

South African women talk candidly on why they date foreign men South Africa has struggled to shake off its tarnished image following the violent xenophobic attacks that flared in the


Some time ago, I took a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa and had the good fortune to meet a very interesting personality by the name Femi Oshin. Femi is a

Xenophobia in South Africa – Nigeria Will Not Retaliate, Says Onyeama

Nigeria will not retaliate against South Africa or any other country over xenophobic attacks by their nationals against Nigerians living in those countries. Foreign Affairs Minister Geoffrey Onyeama disclosed this

Nigerian immigrant sues South Africa Home Affairs

JOHANNESBURG – In 2010 police in Johannesburg shot Justin Ejimkonye, a Nigerian migrant, in the leg. The reason is unclear: It took the police 18 months to charge Ejimkonye with

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‘Without foreigners‚ South Africans would be poorer‚’ – South African Institute of Race Relations report says

If xenophobic attitudes escalate and foreign traders are shown the door‚ South Africans are the ones likely to suffer. This idea is explored in a research report‚ titled South Africa’s

Coalition of Civics Against Xenophobia March

Coalition of Civics Against Xenophobia The Coalition of Civics Against Xenophobia is planning a march against crime, poverty, and xenophobia. It is going to start at 9 am, Thursday 9th

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba meets Nigerian Diplomat over Xenophobia

City of Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba has agreed to explore ways to enhance the metro’s Migrant Help Desk to assist migrant communities to integrate into society‚ as well as advancing

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CAPE TOWN – A coalition of organisations has warned government leaders and politicians to refrain from making statements which could incite xenophobia. The organisations, including Sonke Gender Justice and refugee

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South Africa proposes sinister new Afrophobic laws

Government’s proposals to clampdown on immigration and a recent disgraceful xenophobic march against African and Asian nationals living in South Africa reveals a society from top to bottom, across the