Big Brother Naija promotes Pidgin English

Big Brother Naija promotes Pidgin English

Big Brother Naija (BBN) has added to the mileage of Pidgin English in Africa and the world at large.

Nigerians in South Africa are proud and happy that Housemates represent the true Nigerian youth culture.

Many of the Housemates converse in Pidgin English which has given BBN an admirable originality.

Pidgin English has become more popular in Africa from the last BBN in 2006 and through Nollywood movies.

Nigerians in Diaspora in South Africa and other parts of Africa have also helped advance Pidgin English.

Though some fans say they are lost in transit when some of the Housemates converse in Pidgin English, many more fans say it makes the show unique and much more original.

Pidgin English is very popular in South Africa today. Many South African police officers can greet in Pidgin.

Nigerian Pidgin is an English-based pidgin and creole language spoken as a lingua franca across Nigeria.

The language is commonly referred to as “Pidgin” or Broken (pronounced “Brokin”). It is distinguished from other creole languages since most speakers are not true native speakers although many children learn it at an early age.

It can be spoken as a pidgin, a creole, or a decreolised acrolect by different speakers, who may switch between these forms depending on the social setting.[3]

Variations of Pidgin are also spoken across West and Central Africa, in countries such as Equatorial Guinea, Ghana and Cameroon. Pidgin English, despite its common use throughout the country, has no official status.

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