“Bring Back Our Boys” Nigerians Cry Out to Germany

“Bring Back Our Boys” Nigerians Cry Out to Germany

The decision by Germany to deport about 12,000 Nigerians next year is generating great interest amongst Nigerians in South Africa and in the social media.

“Bring Back Our Boys” is the new call from Nigerians. Nigerians living in South Africa call on Germany to be fair in dealing with the issue or “Bring Back Our Boys”.

Germany has recently said through her Global Head of Programmes, Migration and Development, Dr. Ralf Sanftenberg that Nigerian asylum seekers in Germany may be deported next year on the premise that there is no war in Nigeria.

Nigerians seeking asylum in the central-western European country say the country is inhumane and biased.

Many of the asylum seekers claim they are legitimaly have legitimate premise to seek asylum in Germany and that they should not be deported on the premise that there is no war in Nigeria.

“We expect the Nigerian government to fair prevail on them on this matter”, said a Nigerian student in South Africa.

A Nigerian opinion leader in South Africa says the position of Germany on the matter is clear on the matter but that Nigerian government has not spoken clearly on the same matter.

The 1951 Geneva Convention Relating to Refugees say: “asylum seekers must prove that they they have a well founded fear of persecution due to their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership of a social group and are unable or unwilling to seek protection from the authorities of their own country”.

The above clause of the Geneva Convention is what many of the asylum seekers stand on and want Germany to look into properly.

However, some Nigerians berate Nigerian asylum seekers, telling them to come if Germany is threatening to deport them.

On the Facebook page of nigeriansinsouthafrica.co.za, others point accusing fingers at the Nigerian leadership as the reason why many Nigerians are scattered across the globe.

“Germany should bring back our boys. We are not complaining that we can’t take care of them”, said Felix, a Nigerian business man in Johannesburg.

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