Can Techonolgy Fix Nigeria problem?

Can Techonolgy Fix Nigeria problem?

Technology is meant to make things easier, quicker, cheaper. Smart innovation is often seen as a panacea for Nigeria, Africa and the world’s ills. But technology is not just used by people and societies.
It also shapes them.
Innovation can change people’s livelihoods and transform politics, culture and economics. Messaging apps and social media allow news (whether real or fake) to spread like wildfire.

Mobile money payments enable vast sums to move across the globe in mere seconds. Crowdsourcing platforms allow real-time mapping of humanitarian disasters or election results.

Technology can widen the realm of the possible. However, it can just as easily simply deepen existing fractures and inequalities. At less than 30%, internet penetration in Africa still lags way behind the world average.
Meanwhile, levels of access to technology replicate the divides between the rich and poor, urban and rural, male and female.

Nigeria is at the forefront of much innovation on the continent with its buzzing tech hubs and bold entrepreneurs. But can technology fix Nigeria?
Funmi Atanda will be talking about this topic on the 27 September 2017

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