Charli XCX’s New Nintendo Theme Song Is Just (Princess) Peachy

Charli XCX’s New Nintendo Theme Song Is Just (Princess) Peachy

Charli XCX does a lot of cool things, but being able to say that you sang the theme song for a Nintendo theme park and stood next to Toad from the Super Mario franchise may just be the most awesome set of things ever. The eclectic pop singer teamed up with Swedish EDM duo Galantis to create “We Are Born to Play,” a Super Mario-infused theme song for Universal Studios Japan’s forthcoming Super Nintendo World, set to open sometime before this year’s summer Olympics. Everything you need to know about the park can be found in the awesome accompanying music video/teaser that finds Charli and Toad becoming the best of friends.”We Are Born to Play” screams fun. Galantis’s absorbing production sounds like controller buttons being mashed at the speed of light on the back end. On the front end, it’s the same as that burst of energy you get when you’re wearing a red cap and blue overalls and hug a bouncing star with eyes. Charli’s lyrics express pure joy as she sings about the feeling of having fun (“I wanna burn like fire tonight / I feel my heartbeat jumping twice”). Its cheeriness is so bouncy and contagious that you just can’t help but swing your head to the side and smile. The song’s just one half of the experience, though. The video for “We Are Born to Play” isn’t your typical park advertisement because it takes you inside the experience. It kicks off with people around the world playing their Nintendo Switches, finding a portal that takes them to Nintendo’s new theme park, where Mario exists in a recreation of some of his franchise’s most iconic levels. Everyone gets one of his iconic hats and gets to stomping on Goombas and jumping on angry bullets. After dodging fireballs and accepting the blessing of those dandy dancing stars, the park visitors join together to complete the event by raising Mario’s flag on the level-completing pole. This entire time, Charli relaxes on the sideline and watches with Toad, glad to be able to contribute to this nostalgic experience. Super Nintendo World is set to be a gaming paradise that’s equally futuristic and nostalgic. Visitors can sport wearable wrist bands called “Power Up Bands,” able to sync with a smartphone app and keep track of various digital games and activities, according to Bloomberg reporter Kurumi Mori. At the park’s global celebration, Thierry Coup, the chief creative officer of Universal Creative, called it “a life-size, living video game.” After Super Nintendo Land opens in Osaka, it’s set to come in parks in Hollywood, Orlando, and California sometime later. out Charli XCX and Galantis’s epic new Super Nintendo World theme song up above.
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