Employers in SA prefer to Employ Malawians & Zimbabweans

Employers in SA prefer to Employ Malawians & Zimbabweans

Many employers in South Africa have affirmed that they prefer to employ Malawians and Zimbabweans because they are hardworking and reliable.

Nigeriansinsouthafrica.co.za spoke with employers in Johannesburg yesterday who said South Africans are relaxed because they are in their country.

Martin Cook, a restauranteur in Randburg denies that foreigners are employed because they are willing to receive meagre wages.

“I am a white South African businessman. First, I would have loved to employ more South Africans. Actually, I started out by employing South Africans but they are lazy. They can call in sick five times in a month”.

Martin says his restaurant manager is from Malawi and he has promoted him four times in two years.

“How can I pay a diligent and skillful member of staff meagre salary. He runs this business in my absence. If I pay him peanuts, I am tempting him to steal from me”.

Thembi Dlamini disagrees denies that South Africans are lazy and relaxed. “They prefer Malawians and Zimbabweans because those guys don’t have permits and are desperate to do anything for any small amount”.

Hudson Martins, a Malawian gardener, and painter say South Africans in his field of work are lazy. “When they work for two days, they go drinking until the money is finished.  South African women are even better than the men”.

Ryan Ndlovu says South Africans are not truly lazy but they are over-relaxed because their economy is good and they have support from relatives even if they are not working.

“I am in the entertainment industry. I have South African colleagues who are super hardworking. Only that they seem to contest and protest over little matters. I work more with South Africans than Zimbabweans”.

Most of the employers say Malawians are the most cool-headed among the foreigners they have employed.

The unemployment rate in South Africa went up to 27.1% in the third quarter of 2016. The highest it has ever reached was 31.2%.

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