Hawks infiltrate Newcastle based drug syndicate

Hawks infiltrate Newcastle based drug syndicate

The drug syndicate was initially discovered in 2014, but the Newcastle Hawks couldn’t investigate as they were known to the drug community.

NEWCASTLE – Three suspects who were arrested for dealing in drugs, appeared in Newcastle Magistrate’s Court on Friday, February 17. The suspects were allegedly part of a syndicate under investigation by the Pietermaritzburg Hawks.

The drug syndicate was initially discovered in 2014, but the Newcastle Hawks couldn’t investigate as they were known to the drug community.

The Pietermaritzburg Hawks stepped in and gathered information about five Nigerian nationals and locals, dealing in drugs in Newcastle. An ex-police officer from the Narcotics Department, who wishes to remain anonymous, said three undercover agents infiltrated the syndicate by befriending the dealers and started purchasing drugs from them. Their purchases were sent for forensic analysis, and three weeks ago, warrants were issued for the arrests of two Nigerian nationals and one local.

“There are still two or three suspects at large. However, the two Nigerian nationals, who are allegedly illegal immigrants, and the one local, all who operated from the municipal flats and CBD, were arrested.”

The local suspect pleaded guilty to dealing in four rocks of cocaine in Tagore Street and for trafficking drugs worth R 1000. The trial of the other two suspects was adjourned as an interpreter was not present in the court. All three suspects were remanded.

The suspects will reappear in court on March 6.

Story :  Payal Devisingh / Newcastle Advertiser

The story was first published in Newcastle Advertiser 

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