How Do I Know The Right Ministry or Minister To Sow To?

How Do I Know The Right Ministry or Minister To Sow To?

The right ministry or minister is the one who does the will of God, especially in the area of obedience toward giving, receiving and the use of Godly resources.

“Not everyone who says to me , ‘Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven but only those who do the will of my father who is in heaven”. (Mathew 7:21).

Some men of God can fast and pray but they struggle to tithe, give offering or help the poor by giving of alms, and they misuse ministry money…such ministry or minister is a wrong one to sow into.

It’s like you are pouring water into a basket. Your giving is also in the right soil when it is in a place where it is used for the right reasons.

Don’t go and sow into a ministry because a pastor claims he has anointing for prosperity. Fraudsters have money. The riches of a pastor does not indicate that he is doing the will of God or he is a right person to sow to.

However, your tithe should go to your local church. Though some people attend some churches but they get the word, counsel and prayer more from other men of God that they get in their church.

Where you are fed primarily with the word, counsel and prayer more is where your tithe should go. You may give seed to other men of God who bless you spiritually.

If you can’t get the word, counsel and prayer from a church, leave that church. Honestly, some churches are too big to meet your need. You can’t have access to the Senior pastor and other pastors, then leave the church and stop being sentimental. Be rather Spiritual!

Some people’s spiritual need is primarily met by ministers on TV or on the internet, then give your tithe to them.

“If we have sown spiritual seed among you, is it too much if we reap a material harvest from you?”. (1Corinthians9:11).

Everybody knows the ministry or minister that meet his spiritual need. We only pretend because we don’t want
to appreciate these ministers.

“Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially those who labour in the word and doctrine”.(1Timothy5:17).

Any ministry or minister that blesses you spiritually and you don’t bless back materially, You Are Not Honouring them. You are exploiting them and stealing from them.

Even there were people who blesses the ministry of Jesus materially! “Joana…Susanna, and many others were contributing from their own resources to support Jesus and his disciple” (Luke8:3).

Some of us are so selfish that if we were in the time of Jesus, we won’t support his ministry materially or financially.

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