How Nigeria Issued 300 Passports to South Africans to help them travel

How Nigeria Issued 300 Passports to South Africans to help them travel

Whilst Nigerians are being dehumanised to get asylum permits in South Africa, little did most people know that Nigeria issued 300 passports to some South Africans whose passports were seized by the South African apartheid regime many years ago.

The Nigerian passports issued to them helped them travel when their oppressors restricted their movements.

Beyond this, Late Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Nigeria’s former Prime Minister was the first leader to provide a direct financial aid to the African National Congress (ANC) from the early 1960s.

At the height of the liberation movement in the 1970s, Nigeria alone provided $5-million annual subvention to the ANC and the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) annually.

In 1976, Nigeria set up the Southern Africa Relief Fund (SAFR) to bring relief to the victims of the apartheid regime in South Africa, provide educational opportunities to them and promote general welfare.

The military administration of General Obasanjo contributed $3.7 million to the fund.

Moreover, General Obasanjo made a personal donation of $3,000, while each member of his cabinet also made personal contributions of $1,500 each.

All Nigeria’s civil servants and public officers made a 2% donation from their monthly salary to the SAFR.

Many Nigerians in South Africa feel extremely betrayed by the African National Congress and all black South Africans.

Top member of the Nigeria Union in South Africa angrily voiced: “When they were in trouble, we help them. Now they are mistreating us. Let God judge them”.

Hanks Ikechukwu say South Africans are the most ungrateful people he had ever seen in life. “I have never seen people as ungrateful as black South Africans. Nigeria supported them to fight apartheid. We gave, passports, education, ammunition…but now they treat us as foreigners”.

Many Nigerians in South Africa appeal to the Nigerian government to remind black South Africans of the help the Giant of Africa rendered when they were being oppressed.

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    Is it possible to know the names of the people nigeria issued the passport to in 1960s as speculated here.
  2. Me
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    In the history of drug use and substance abuse, South Africans have been known to have the highest percentage in drug related matters. Where Nigerians in south African then??? Why the hatred from south africans to Nigerians?? No matter what the sin they committed or must have committed, does it warrant the jungle justice by the south african black heads?? Shotting humans like they are animals in d jumgle, Stone them to death, set them ablaze like they goats. This is unfair. What is th level of sin been committed alone by you SA's in the sight of God, why hasn't God destroyed the country? 75% of ur economy is supoorted by Nigerians and other nationals, what have they done to u all to deserve this treatment?? It high time we stand on our feets to say No and fight back, retaliate with great anger beacaue a wise man is always quiet can be mistaken for a full. God has really proven to be God for seating up there and watch the wrong things going on around the world. Thanks to him for he's not man. If he is to be men like south africans, you people wont even exist in d next 45mint. Keep doing what you doing, karma has no menu., and it awaits you all.

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