Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba meets Nigerian Diplomat over Xenophobia

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba meets Nigerian Diplomat over Xenophobia

City of Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba has agreed to explore ways to enhance the metro’s Migrant Help Desk to assist migrant communities to integrate into society‚ as well as advancing public awareness against xenophobia in all its forms
This comes after a “productive” meeting on Tuesday with the Nigerian Consul-General‚ Godwin Adama‚ and leaders from the Nigerian community in South Africa.

“We stressed the importance of working in collaboration to address the problem of xenophobia and prevent attacks such as those we have seen in the past‚” Mashaba said in a statement.

“We agreed that we all want to live in a peaceful society where the rule of law is respected and upheld.

“Following today’s meeting‚ I have committed the City to working towards establishing a special committee which will advance the vision of an inclusive and peaceful Joburg society.”

The Nigerian Consulate and the Mayor’s office denounced criminality in all its forms.

Mashaba added he was in the process of inviting all leaders from the diplomatic corps across the continent to a joint meeting.

“I reiterate‚ I welcome all people from across the world to the City of Johannesburg.

“It is common knowledge that crime levels have spiralled out of control across Joburg. My fight is against this criminality.

“Crime knows no nationality‚ ethnicity or race. Thus we must all work together to create an integrated and safe society for all residents to live‚ work and play. Essential to this is respect for the rule of law.

“These sentiments are supported by the Nigerian Consulate.”.

The Nigerian Union and Nigerian Consulate reaffirmed that the bilateral relations between the two nations is very good and cordial.

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