Joy is richer than riches!

Joy is richer than riches!

If you lose everything in life, don’t lose your joy.

If your car breaks down, satan won’t drive your car, he is only attacking your joy.

If your marriage breaks, satan won’t marry your partner but he is only attacking your joy.

Use every fibre of your being to keep your joy.

Joy Rituals:

Keep a joy journal to record and replay moments of joy. Replay your wedding or graduation video. It re-infects you with joy.

Surround Yourself with Joyful people. Joy is contagious ditto sorrow. Remain in the company of joyful people. Avoid sorrowful people like a plague.

Remain praiseful & grateful. Thank God and everyone who brings you joy generously. What you are thankful for multiplies.

Repeat Joyful Activities: If watching movies, adventures or listening to music gives you joy, do it repeatedly.

Don’t Amplify Challenges: challenges are integral parts of life. The invention of a vehicle was somebody’s challenge. He overcame it and gave the world something that brings joy to many homes.

Easy Does It: If you think life is hard, it becomes hard for you, vice versa. Approach life with joy and ease. This relieves you of burden and joy oozes out of you.

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