Judgmental society on Tim Omotoso

Judgmental society on Tim Omotoso

Invoking the wrath of The Almighty God:The Word of God says; “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My Prophets no harm.”“And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

The Prophet of God Reverend Timothy Omotoso came to South Africa some 17 years ago and in all those years, he has opened many an eye to both God’s Word and His Mighty Power.

He has preached The Word of God with power, He has brought The Word of God to life in front of those many eyes and God has at every turn put “His Signature” on the works of His Prophet, with permanent healings and deliverances taking place in the lives of many-many people in South Africa and throughout the world.

The Bible says “We know that God doesn’t listen to sinners, but is ready to hear those who worship Him and do His Will.” What is it would make Prophet Tim Omotoso so special that God would answer his prayers for people, if he were such a sinner that he is now being purported to be by some South Africans? Has The Word of God changed or are some of us as South Africans attempting to change it to suit our depraved minds?

Having joined the Jesus Dominion International Ministry in February 2010, I have been exposed to genuine Bible preaching that I had never experienced in my whole life and I have seen great signs and wonders following those preachings. Many an attempt have been made over the years to discredit and besmear the Prophet’s name from diverse quarters including the Religious sector itself, with this recent ones being of unprecedented intensity, but at every turn God has vindicated His own and He shall do so even now.

I believe the true teachings of God’s Word, the nature and type of miracles and healings happening here have caused discomfort in the cidatels of Lucifer and Lucifer is fighting back.When King Ahab of Israel wanted to go and fight against Ramoth-gilead, against the will of God, God allowed a lying spirit to enter the mouths of his prophets to entice him to go to war, so that he could be killed as that was the will of God, to kill him.

Now a lying spirit has entered the mouths of many young ladies, encouraged and now used by a group of “Pastors;” who by the way became Pastors only through the very anointing that they are fighting against now; They are now spreading lies about Prophet Tim Omotoso, to their own peril. These ladies, like the “people” that are leading them have for many years benefited greatly in many different ways from being with The Man of God and being close to him.

Remember Judas was walking with Christ, praying with Him and seeing the mighty miracles that He was performing and in the end the devil still entered him and he betrayed Jesus. I see the manifestation of that very passage of The Word of God now, to show us that indeed God is still the same today, tomorrow and forevermore. My testimony may be very small in the eyes of the world but it has shown me that God is real and He still uses His own Prophets who do His will to heal and to deliver His people from all calamities.

The healing that my wife received in this Church; Jesus Dominion International, through this very Man of God, Rev. Tim Omotoso cannot be erased by anyone or anything from my mind and my heart, except by God Himself, if it is His will. I believe there are many more people out there throughout South Africa and the world that share my sentiment, to the glory of God.My wife was hit by a car in 2003.

She broke all the “limbs” on the right side of her body and bruised her head badly, but God preserved her life for His glory. Every bone that was broken was healed except for the bone in her upper arm which had broken into two pieces, with the break being right in the middle of it. From the initial operation, the orthopedic surgeon inserted a 6 pin plate in an attempt to get the bone to unite. The bone did not unite, and my wife was experiencing severe pain and the plate was becoming loose. The surgeon decided to operate the arm again and this time he replaced the 6 pin plate with a 9 pin one, which was almost as long as the whole upper arm.

There was no relief for my wife and she ended up having to stop work. The surgeon, in his desperation, adviced my wife that he was going to perform a bone grafting operation, he said wasn’t going to take bone from her though, as evidently it was because of her age that the bone was not uniting; he was going to get bone from “the bone bank.” Subsequent to his bone grafting operation there was still no relief for my wife, instead osteoporosis set in and the bone was “disappearing” in front of our eyes. To add salt to injury, my wife fell over and the very same upper arm was affected, this time around that already fragile bone broke just above where the 9 pin plate ended thus creating a second fracture.

The surgeon said he could not do much “to fix” the new fracture, let alone the first one.He designed a special sling which had a thick cushion that went under the arm in a desperate attempt to keep the arm in a position of some comfort. In 2010, after we joined the Church, my wife was prayed for and was healed by the Power of God through Prophet Tim Omotoso, she went back to work and is still totally healed to this very day.

Remember what the Bible says about.. God not answering sinners. This is my own testimony and it only one out of the many many testimonies I have personally witnessed or have heard being shared in Jesus Dominion International.

The devil is fighting The Man of God through those that are close to him and they find themselves being used by people like the Ashoms character that is claiming to have the interest of South Africans at heart.

He has taken advantage of the gullibility of some South Africans who are ways ready to receive with aplomb any negative news, especially where “foreigners” are concerned.

I invited a female colleague to our branch in East London who was due to undergo a leg amputation operation. Her leg was beginning to “die” and she was on medication and was also wearing prescription socks and flat shoes of a special kind. As she is a shy individual, she went to the branch but never stated her case to the Pastor there. She stayed for the duration of the Service and went home afterwards. When she got home she felt that her pains were gone, she told me of her experience the following day…she has still got her two legs to this day, to the glory of God and she has not used any of the medication or the socks ever since that day. She can wear her high heeled shoes again like other ladies do.

To God be the glory.Where The True Power of God is present there is always going to be greater effort concentrated to discredit it, by the devil and his cronies.


Story: Simon Mokhatla

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