Mugabe only spoke about the economic problems facing Zimbabwe as an afterthought, dedicating less than three minutes to issues at home after nearly an hour of bashing United States President Donald Trump.

He took most of the time massaging his own ego, telling supporters how he had faced up against the American President, whom he accused of being hellbent on causing war and bullying other nations because of the huge size of the US army.

“We are all equal regardless of size. No nation is superior than the other and that is what I have said no to and I made sure to censure Trump on his bullying tactics. We don’t want a Goliath,” Mugabe said.

The Zanu-PF supporters, who had been bussed to the airport from as early as 10am, had to endure four hours under the scorching sun, while sitting on the burning tarmac, with Mugabe only arriving after lunch with his entourage.

The supporters appeared lost as Mugabe, in his speech against Trump, at times confused North Korea with Vietnam, while scarcely mentioning the crisis at home.

As a result, dozens of supporters started walking out before the party’s Harare political commissar, Shadreck Mashayamombe, ordered the police to block them.

Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was acting in Mugabe’s absence, also added his voice, saying the return of his boss would bring sanity to the economy, which appears to be on the tipping edge.

“Your Excellency, while you were away, prices went up and there were shortages, but now that you are back, I am sure all the problems will be solved,” he said.

Mnangagwa also went into overdrive waxing lyrical about Mugabe, describing him as the Biblical David, who stood up against Trump, the modern-day Goliath, in his own country.

And where Trump stopped just short of calling for war‚ Zuma appealed for calm‚ using South Africa’s moral high-ground on the nuclear weapons issue (South Africa gave them up) to declare “there are no safe hands for weapons of mass destruction”.

The 93-year-old Mugabe may have shuffled weakly to the podium‚ but his speech was filled with sharp‚ verbal gymnastics.

In a quietly vicious attack on Trump‚ he said “some of us were embarrassed‚ if not frightened by the return of the biblical giant called Goliath.”

He went on to challenge Trump to “blow your Trumpet in a musical way towards the values of unity‚ peace‚ togetherness and dialogue” in defiance of “the promise of our damnation”.

“A damnation which we must resist‚ no matter from whence it comes. We defeated imperialism. Bring us a monster by another name and he will suffer the same‚” he said.

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