No destination in Nigeria is listed in CNN’S 26 Africa’s Most Amazing Places To Visit published last month.

This shocks many Nigerians in the Diaspora as they question what the Nigerian Tourism has become lately.

Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa with one of the most amazing people, places and cultures, yet it seems one of the most oblivious places for tourists.

Sandra Perks, a tourism operator in Rivonia, Johannesburg says Nigeria is not and has never been part of her service packages for clients because it is not profitable.

Adverts of packages that adorn her office confirm the story. There are tourism packages to Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Egypt but no single one on Nigeria.

She postulates thus: “Nigeria is not ready for tourism. Tourism is a big product and service and a great earner for any country. I guess prolonged internal insecurity in the country is another turn down”.

Beneath is the 26 Most Amazing Places To Visit in Africa:

1. The great migration, Tanzania


Follow the leader.

Follow the leader.

A photo won’t capture the thunder of hooves on dirt as more than a million wildebeest and several hundred thousand zebra make their annual migration, but still, this is one for the top of the pile.
The migration is actually a year-round event as the animals move from Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Reserve in January, up through the Serengeti around June and hit Kenya’s Masai Mara around September, before journeying south again.

2. Table Mountain, South Africa

We've got the table, the wine, all we need's the company.

We’ve got the table, the wine, all we need’s the company.


Table Mountain makes Cape Town, one of the world’s best beach cities, also one of the world’s most photogenic.
Cable car rides are available to the top of the mesa, giving great views, fantastic sunrises/sunsets and a great photo. Challenge: try and limit yourself to 50 pics.


3. Djmaa el Fna, Morocco

The world's most mesmerizing market.

The world’s most mesmerizing market.

The world’s most exciting town square, Djmaa el Fna reminds you you’re in Africa. In the heart of the old city of Marrakech, snake-charmers, henna-painters, story-tellers, date-sellers and orange juice vendors set up their stalls in the sleepy heat of the afternoon.
As night falls, the vendors are joined by tribal drummers, ladyboy dancers and mobile restaurateurs selling delicious grilled meats, bread and salad as the smoke rises above their stalls till past midnight.


4. Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia

Who knew sand could be stunning?

Who knew sand could be stunning?

Sossusvlei means “the gathering place of water” but you’ll need to bring your own if you don’t want to dehydrate at this, Namibia’s most outstanding attraction.

The dunes have developed over millions of years, the result of material flowing from the Orange River into the Atlantic, carried north and returned again to land by the surf.
Climbing the dunes yields breathtaking views, including the Deadvlei, a ghostly expanse of dried white clay punctuated by skeletons of ancient camelthorn trees.

5. Mountain gorillas, Rwanda

Looks like these guys had a late night.

Looks like these guys had a late night.

A close encounter with the mountain gorillas of the Rwandan rainforest will stay with you for a lifetime.
Various operators run tours tracking silverbacks and their troupes in the dense forest.

6. Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Liquid awesome.

Liquid awesome.

One of the world’s most majestic water spectacles, Victoria Falls (also called Mosi-oa-Tunya, or “The Cloud That Thunders) — were reportedly first seen by a European when Scotsman David Livingstone journeyed here in 1855.
Since then thousands have enjoyed the spray from the 108-meter high cascade, which was once recorded flowing at 12,800 cubic meters per second — double that of Niagara’s highest flow.

7. Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Namibia -- home of the beautiful desert.

Namibia — home of the beautiful desert.

The Spitzkoppe feature various granite peaks in Namibia’s Namib Desert, with the highest peak hitting nearly 1,800 meters.
Activities in the area include bouldering and rustic cave camping as well as multi-day safaris.

8. Sahara dunes, Morocco

Whether you're running it or gawking at it, you'll be impressed

Whether you’re running it or gawking at it, you’ll be impressed

The most user-friendly part of the Sahara is accessible from the northern edge of Morocco. You can trek with Berbers from the town of Zagoura, or camp out in Tazzarine where runners from all over the world complete the week-long Marathon des Sables every spring.

The foot of the Merzouga Dunes is the ultimate location for star-gazing, totally free of light pollution.

Click here for the rest of the amazing places

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