Preparation of yesterday is why you are where you are today!

Preparation of yesterday is why you are where you are today!

Many people complain about their situation as if they just dropped down from heaven and found themselves in the situations.

But they have been around for a while but did little or nothing to change their situation.

Where you are today is a result of the choices you have made over the years. When you put nothing good in your future, you will soon get into that empty future.

If you are single, start preparing for marriage. Most marriage disasters happen because most people are not prepared or most parents no longer prepare their children for marriage.

If you are a student, prepare for the job or that business by studying well and thinking creatively.

If you are already working or in business, continue to develop yourself so that you may be able to stand or fit into any radical change the future may bring.

Apostle Paul, one of the most celebrated and referenced and reverenced men in the bible says he prepared for three years in Arabia and returned to Damascus before his ministry began. Galatians 1: 17-18.

Preparation determines manifestation!

If you are not working currently, use this available time to pray, fast, study the word of God, volunteer to gather experience…also instead of wasting valuable time online, study materials that are relevant to your future and/or career.

Success happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Femi Oshin
Wall of Fire Ministry.

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