Sands’s eponymous album Sands Of Time, which “Tigi” and “Vuma” are on, sounds like money. Save for “Tigi,” most of the songs are slow to mid-tempo. It’s calming music you want to relax to in your room in the evening, the type of music to hear in a jazz club.

Sands is aware that his fan base is mostly young adults who have a refined ear and an understanding of his subject matter, which mostly revolves around relationships, and he’s serving them so well.

He’s looking to drop more singles and perform more in 2017. In the meantime, if you’re in Swaziland or South Africa, simply turn on your radio for more.


Artists – Sands
Track – Tigi
Record Label – ICON PB Music
Album available in stores titled SANDS OF TIME
For bookings and info 0833471633 or



Vani, vani, lalelelela

Udlala kabi um’ udlala ngenhlitiyo
Ung’tsintsa kabi, um’ utsints’ imizwa yami
Udlala kabi uma uts’ uyangtsandza
Keph’ uts’ angkhulume ng’tsini
Uma song’tsintsa le nalena

Inhlitiyo yam ishaya tigi gigi
Tigi tigi gigi (x3)
Tigi tigi gigigi
Tigi tigi gigi (x3)
Tigi tigi gigigi

Vani, lalela, welelelele

Ngiva kumnandzi um’ uva ligama lami
Uva kunjani uma ng’bita ligama lakho
Uva kunjani uma ngitsi ngiyakutsandza
Keph’ uts’ angkhulume ng’tsini
Mase utsintsa le nalena


Vani, lalela, welelelele

Ngiva kumnandzi uma ngiva l’gama lakho
Ngiva kumnandzi uma ng’bita ligama lakho
Ngiva kumnandzi uma uts’ uyangitsandza
Uts’ angkulume ng’tsini
Um’ uvumelana nami


Le nalena, le nalena
(tigi tigi gigi)
Ma ‘sungtsintsa le nalena (x2)
Le nalena, le nalena
Ma ‘sungtsintsa le nalena
Vani, baby

Ungasabi k’lala lala lala (x8)

Vani, baby vani (x3)
Tigi gigigi
Vani, baby (x3)
Tigi gigigi

Ungasabi k’lala lala lala (x8)
Tigi gigigi


Photography & Story:  SABELO MKHABELA

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