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Welcome, to the bleeding-edge of African innovation: VR, 3D printing, AI and the rest. The continent isn’t just driving technological change for Africa, but for the world. Click through  to discover

Why did Kenya’s Supreme Court annul the elections?

Democracy is a marathon, and Kenya just delivered one of the most decisive victories for African democracy in recent history. Marathons are, after all, our thing. In a 4-2 decision,

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3 ways to make rich Africa work for poor Africans

In addition, there is a sense of urgency as more and more young people are turning to violence to express their frustration about lack of progress. Countries like Estonia have

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World Economic Forum Africa and the drive for ‘inclusive growth

DURBAN – The 27th edition of the World Economic Forum on Africa kicks-off in Durban today. President Jacob Zuma is leading the South African delegation. This year’s theme is “Achieving