The Great Entrepreneur woman is Gone Home Moriyalo Ogidan Aya Adekoya

The Great Entrepreneur woman is Gone Home Moriyalo Ogidan Aya Adekoya

I lost my grand mother yesterday night in Nigeria After 115 years she is a very hardworking woman the symbol of entrepreneur she is a business woman with a high level focus on what ever she is doing her contributions and mentorship made me who I am today I felt it in my spirit that Yekeji will go anytime soon. Today my spirit told me to put on all black not knowing that my grand mother, the great woman that did so much for us. she would travel down from Ijebu Igbo to Ibadan with Gari and Elubo, a strong woman with business acumen.

She was a successful trader, who traded from Foseje to Ijebu igbo, to Ibadan. Every 2 months she’s back in Ibadan to buy stock and travel back to Foseje to sell and make money.

Truly you are the best grandmother. Your days are blessed, even though my mother is your only child. When we are growing up, we see you as our mother, because you are always there for us, you always care for us, you gave us the best. When we come to Ijebu Igbo for Ileya festival or during school holidays you took care of us, grandma. Words are not enough in showing our appreciation for all you’ve done for us. But we pray that may your soul rest in perfect peace in

But we pray that may your soul rest in perfect peace in God …. This is the kind of look u put on … when u got the news that your 115 years old grand mother is dead … my dear grand mother pass onto glory last night .… MORIYALO OGIDAN (OGIDAN PA BI EKUN O PA NILE OTUN PA LOKO) AYA ADEKOYA sun re ooo OMO …OMO…. OMO…. OMO nse lede leyin re Olufe owon ipade di ESE Jesu ….. (iye… iye mi OMO ogidan pa bi ekun OMO oke agbo … OMO obanta) ma sun LA ya Olugbala ti di ojo ajinde

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