Therefore go and make DISCIPLE of all nations.

Therefore go and make DISCIPLE of all nations.

In Acts 19:2, Paul asked some ‘disciples’: “…did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” And they answered “No, we have not heard that there is a Holy Spirit”.

Then one wonders, whose disciples are the twelve Ephesians guys. Most assuredly, they are not the disciples of Jesus.

They confirmed in Acts 19:3-4 that they were baptised of John into repentance. In Mathew 11:3, John himself said: “I baptise with water for repentance…he (Jesus) will baptise you with Holy Spirit and with fire”.

In Acts 19:5-6, Paul baptised in the name of Jesus, laid hands on them, the Holy Spirit came upon them and they began to speak in tongues.

There are many people like these today, who may have received a different gospel, a different baptism, yet professes to believers in Jesus.

After becoming a true believer in Jesus, to become a true disciple, you will:

Love:”…all men shall know that you are my disciples if you love one another” John13:35.

Abide in Jesus’ words: “If you abide in my word, then you are my disciples indeed”. John8:32

Bear MUCH fruit: “…that you bear much fruit, so then shall ye be my disciples” John 15:8.

Forsake all you have: “…he who cannot Forsake all that he has CANNOT Be my disciples…”.

“Therefore go and make DISCIPLE of all nations…” Mathew 28:19-20.

To be Jesus’ disciples in this wicked world, you will sacrifice a lot and many people won’t like. But rest assured, Jesus loves you, even to the end of days.

Femi Oshin
Wall of Fire Ministry

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