This Controversial Heineken Ad Is Going Viral And It’ll Leave You Questioning Everything!

Cheers to you Heineken! Everyone should raise a glass to the famous beer company for coming up with a political and controversial ad that’s also a genuinely genius test of one’s humanity, character and ability to change.

Heineken’s new #OpenYourWorld campaign is nothing like you’d expect from a traditional beer commercial, there aren’t any scantily clad babes or bros by the pool, and it’s actually real, raw and brilliant! They might have even taken a cue from former President Obama’s “beer summit” during his first term.

Heinken’s ad goes further, however, and features people who disagree on issues like climate change, feminism, and transgender rights. Watch how they get to know each other at first and then are shown short videos that reveal their true opinions. Find out if they want to talk about it over a beer

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