Tim Omotoso’s story instigate xenophobic sentiments against Nigerians

Tim Omotoso’s story instigate xenophobic sentiments against Nigerians

The allegations and eventual arrest of Prophet Timothy Omotoso spur more xenophobic sentiments against Nigerians in South Africa.

He was recently arrested in Port Elizabeth and appeared in court charged with human trafficking and sexual assault.

The social media is agog with numerous anti-Nigeria hate speech. Upon the breaking of the news, many South Africans affirm that Omotoso’s alleged excessive misdemeanor is one of the reasons they demand Nigerians should leave South Africa.

On Youtube, Patricia Morongoa says: “All these bloody Nigerian churches must be burned. You must go back and perform your fake miracles in Nigeria jou kont”.

Ngonyama Ngonyama says: “These fake pastors left their country and came to our country to destroy it. They came up with Nyaope; they then brought their f** dirty work in the name of God. I wish our country can set strict rules for this fake pervert pastors and churches…”.

Frank Wealth replies: “These black South Africans and their hatred for other Africans in their country. Bunch of lazy hypocrites. You can fight and beat up other fellow Africans over minor issues but can’t touch a white man that would slap and beat up your mothers and sisters, even while doing their jobs. You guys will remain slaves for the rest of your lives. I pray I don’t come across any of you outside your country”.

Iyobosa Asemota adds: ” Why the outrage? SA so called pastors are doing worst things. What happened to Zondo? Swept under the carpet? There are South African churches where these sinful daughters of eve (Jezebel like women) being used by the devil are fighting themselves over who should be sleeping with the pastor. Let everybody exercise caution…”.

Fits of hate, xenophobia and rage run through the social media over Prophet Tim Omotoso’s story.

The story broke at a time when the last xenophobic attacks in South Africa have not totally died down.

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