Cozano (Cos I know) –“We just some young homies in the matrix”
The video for Token Daggers latest single Cozano (Cos I know) featuring Hyperlect expresses how they use affirming to confidently show how they rise above the boundaries that have been set for the world.

The video was shot in Johannesburg CBD as well as the Dirty six studio in Rockville Soweto.The look and feel of the music video was inspired by the classic conceptual film “The Matrix”. “As soon as you know who you are and the fact that your capabilities are way beyond what people keep telling you they think it is, then you should know you the shit and that you can pursue and concur whatever you put your mind to”.
When we watched the final edit of the video we just knew that we were in a point of our lives where we had just realised that we just some young homies in the matrix. We never held back in terms of the effort we put into making the video as well as meeting the deadline for this video.
Our hopes are that when you see this video it reminds you that your capabilities are way beyond the ordinary, and this should be your theme song when you out there taking on and succeeding in what you were born to do.

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