Veteran comic actor, John Okafor aka Mr Ibu, in South Africa

Veteran comic actor, John Okafor aka Mr Ibu, in South Africa

Comic character Mr Ibu was born in Enugu on October 17, 1961, and he studied Mass Communication at the Institute of Management in Enugu.

He rose to fame when he acted in the 2004 comic movie ‘Mr Ibu’ which earned him his acclaimed stage name.

His humorous acting is often characterized by stupidity, hilarious imbecility and a sharp disconnection from reality
One of his moves is (Asiwaju) a comedy film where Mr IBU stand side by side with Yoruba Actors and actresses
Mr Ibu is married to Stella Maris Okafor
Nollywood comic actor, Mr. Ibu joins forces with his Yoruba counterparts, Sanyeri and Ronke Oshodi Oke on the set

What is your perception of the President Muhammad Buhari-led government anti-corruption war?

It is too early to fight this. I would have preferred the government to set their house in order first. Set the administration going,make the people who voted you talk good of you as you are coming in. The corrupt people know themselves. While your good work is going on,you can then start picking them one after the other. Whoever that has offended government knows he or she has done so.


The government should set its house in order first. Let the good things about this administration flow first before the arrests. Let Nigerians talk good of you first, then you can now tell them, there are people who did this and that,that need questioning. But starting with this quarrel, fighting as a new government,I do not think it will help. Many people are talking about hunger, no money, collapsed businesses among others. They would have first of all laid good foundation about their administration so that people will feel them first. The change should be seen in the peoples’ welfare and every other thing will follow. That’s my own idea.

Why is it that most Nollywood films tilt towards, ritual and affluence that are perceived as lacking morals?

Films are a reflection of the society. Nobody believes he is a poor person in Nigeria. We are trying to give proper interpretation of what is happening in the society. Films give back the life in the society.

But,already,we have held a meeting that all things should go and give way for films dwelling on family,tragic,comedy stories. The issue is that the ritual thing can’t even go in the society. My father for instance, was poisoned to death by his best friend. I was small then. When my father died,he told my mother in a dream about three weeks after, that it was his best friend that killed him. In that dream,my father told my mother,invite the man who killed me but nobody should hurt him.

Joshua Olusan from NigeriansinSouthAfrica/TheAfricanPortal with Mr. Ibu

Joshua Olusan from NigeriansinSouthAfrica/TheAfricanPortal with Mr. Ibu

My father equally instructed my mum to invite my brothers and relations inside our compound. Tell them what I said. My mother invited the man, as my father instructed and other relatives. My fathers instruction was done exactly as it came. They told the man what my father said. He denied and they said okay,you will eat the yam roasted on my father’s grave. If you did not do it, you will go home, but if you did it, you will die here.

The yam was roasted on my father’s grave in the presence of the man. All the elders in my village ate the yam and said the yam was sweat and that we did not put poison in the food roasted on father’s grave. Then came the turn of the man. The elders asked him to say that if he was responsible for the death of my father, Emmanuel Okafor,let this food be the last food he will eat.

But if he did not know anything about my father’s death, let his life span be increased. The man who killed my father refused to eat it. And remember, my father had warned us in the dream, that we should not touch him. When he refused, nobody touched him and he left.

That is to tell you that the rituals we are shooting is real. But the new generations coming up, they are oblivious about these concoctions. That is why we shoot films to highlight these things so that people will know and shun such evil ways.

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